Folding stainless steel filter screen performance characteristics and in the use of the process of attention

The folding stainless steel filter net is a kind of filter net product which is processed by folding machine. It can be folded into different height and folding number by demand. The filter material is made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel braided net, the application of folding filter screen effectively increases the filtering area, and also has a good help to improve the filtering accuracy. The folding filter has the following characteristics: 1. High porosity and excellent permeability, low pressure loss, high flow rate; 2. Large capacity, high filtering accuracy, slow pressure curve rise in use, long replacement cycle; 3. Good temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, can be used for a long time at 600 ° C, resistant to nitric acid, alkali, organic solvents, pharmaceutical corrosion; 4. Wave folding to increase the filter area, and can be welded processing; the more wave number, the larger the filter area. 5. High strength, even if the liquid strong washing, strong vibration, fiber also does not fall off; 6. Can clean regeneration, can be used many times;

By changing the folding height of the folding number, the folding stainless steel filter net can be processed and produced into folding filter element, wrapping and folding filter net, etc. , common products such as stainless steel folding filter, edge filter, metal stamping parts can see the shadow of the folding filter.