Stainless steel punching mesh has what style and what are the scope of application

A punching net is a metal net that is punched through a die according to a certain pass shape and die, the common shapes are round hole, long hole, square hole, triangle hole, fish scale hole, bridge hole, Diamond Hole, pentagonal hole (pentagonal star punching net) , hexagonal hole, octagonal hole, cross hole, nail hole, plum hole, herringbone hole, i-shaped hole and other special-shaped holes. Stainless steel punching mesh, also known as round mesh, is one of the filter mesh series, product materials are mainly 201,202,301,302,304,306,316,316L, stainless steel plate, (nickel plate. Galvanized Sheet, iron sheet, plastic sheet can also be customized. The application of punching net is very much in our life, especially in the filter industry, support skeleton, filter hole plate are the specific application of punching net, at the same time in other industries also have a large number of applications, below we take some examples to give you a reference, hope you can understand more vividly. Noise barrier-noise control barrier for urban traffic and municipal facilities such as highways, railways, subways and so on, sound absorption board-noise insulation and noise reduction board for building walls, generator rooms, factories and other noise sources, can be used for building ceiling, wall board of sound absorption material, architectural decoration-can be used for building stairs, balconies, environment-friendly tables and chairs of exquisite decorative orifices, KTV exterior wall decoration, hospital airport waiting room row chairs, decoration ceiling. Mechanical protective cover-can be used for all kinds of mechanical equipment protective cover, speaker net cover-gorgeous speaker net cover, computer chassis。

Screen plate-grain, feed, mine with grinding screen, mineral screen, i-type screen, food machinery drying screen. Craft baskets-stainless steel fruit baskets, food covers, fruit trays and other kitchen utensils for kitchen equipment, trash cans and display stands-as well as store shelves and decorative display stands, moisture-proof grain-ventilation mesh in grain depot, filtration-water seepage mesh in football field lawn, air filter element, filtration valve, filter, etc. . Skateboard: Alligator Mouth Skateboard, round hole skateboard., Anping County specializes in producing stainless steel perforated screens, filter cartridges, and filters. More products can be found at