Which series of stainless steel strainer can be divided into

When it comes to stainless steel mesh products, everyone knows a lot about the variety. In fact, stainless steel mesh is a general term for this series of products. Today, Warner small braided band, let's take a look at the commonly-said stainless steel square mesh, also known as stainless steel square hole screen mesh, I hope you have a certain understanding when choosing this product. Product name: stainless steel square mesh (stainless steel square mesh) material: SUS302, SUS306, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, . Weaving: 1, plain weaving 2, twill weaving, stainless steel square mesh is stainless steel woven mesh products. Production Process: radial and zonal silk diameter is the same, each diameter silk cross in every two (or more) weft silk up and down, each weft silk cross in every two (or more) diameter silk up and down cross. Width: the common width of stainless steel square mesh is 0.914 M-2 m, more than 2 m to 6 m need to pre-order, in addition, according to the needs of customers will be the entire volume of stainless steel mesh cut into various specifications of the mesh, nET section, net belt length: 30 meters or 30.5 meters, according to customer requirements. Stainless steel square mesh packaging: every 30 meters, or 30.5 meters for a natural roll, roll the center of the paper tube to support the outer layer of kraft paper or waterproof paper packaging. If need long-distance transportation my factory still can make wooden box, prevent stainless steel wire mesh by extrusion deformation.

Stainless steel square mesh use: because the stainless steel square mesh has a strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, mesh uniformity, so is widely used in screening or filtration. For example: oil industry for mud screen, chemical industry chemical fiber screen screen screen, electroplating industry for pickling screen. And in oil, chemicals, construction, textiles, pharmaceuticals, aviation, aerospace, railways, highways, landscape protection, aquaculture, aquaculture, metallurgy, national defense, coal, mining, light industry, decoration, agriculture and Forestry, parks, machinery and other fields have also played an important role. In addition, in the sound insulation wall, roof, powder layer, large mine screen, electronics industry and home appliances, mechanical equipment safety protection and motor fan cover, Air Filter and heat treatment, all kinds of machine tools and automotive equipment of the best supporting products. The stainless steel square mesh produced by Warner wire mesh products factory in Anping County is flat, flawless, straight wire, fast delivery, welcome to order. In addition, our factory introduces various new-type equipment to meet the needs of customers, can be processed into your stainless steel mesh you need to filter mesh, stainless steel filter canister, stainless steel filter, filter mesh, filter bags and other styles, manufacturers direct sales, ultra-low prices.