Quick-loading filter types and purchase methods, Anping Warner Stone for your tips

Speaking of filter elements, it goes without saying that we are all very familiar with them. We can tell from the names of many filter elements what materials they are made of, what filter media they are made of, and what they are used for filtering, for example, today's fast-loading filter is one of them, today let us know, fast-loading filter performance, types, purchasing methods to take you to understand this filter products. The first type of fast-loading filter in the introduction of fast-loading filter performance before we introduce the type of fast-loading filter. The quick-loading filter element uses the world's advanced clean technology, its products are used in industrial and residential air filters and some pollution, noise control systems, the quick-loading filter element classification has many kinds, it includes primary, medium and small, high efficiency filters, fan filters, gas turbine filters, fibre pipe filters, disposable ceiling filters, RU self-circulation filter system, DBS deep bed filter system, RPT bag in and out filter box, SAH side-in filter system, air purifier, chemical filter device, etc. .

The second point fast-loading and unloading filter core performance fast-loading and unloading filter core filter effect is good, filter resistance is low, and dust capacity is large The filter material structure of the quick-loading and unloading filter element is very special. In the filtering process, the gap of the filter bed can quickly form a state of high density above and low density below, and speed up the filtering speed The quick loading and unloading filter core also has the antibacterial function, can prevent the bacterium to enter the clean environment. Fast-loading filter diameter in the dust particles filter effect is very good, third point fast-loading filter selection method, we choose the fast-loading filter diameter and import and export pipe diameter of the same, and the inlet and outlet diameter of the filter can not be less than the inlet diameter of the pump. Whether it is in the choice of quick-loading filter or other filter selection, filter manufacturers to understand the quality and level of production is very important. The purification and filtration products are used in semiconductor, nuclear industry, electronic technology, medical and health, biological experiment, food and beverage, mechanical and electrical equipment, environmental protection, chemical industry, painting, automobile manufacturing and other fields, scale in the industry leading. In the purchase of fast-loading filter, according to the specific use of environment and filter requirements to choose the filter material, and fast-loading filter material is good and connected to the same process pipe material, in the purchase of filtration resistance before the loss of calculation, but also to consider the number of holes in the filter material.

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