What is the concrete function of stainless steel round filter screen?

With the development of various industries in society, the water pollution that we are facing is becoming more and more serious, so it is very beneficial to adopt professional water quality filtration equipment treatment, and today we introduce the stainless steel circular filter screen for you is one of the very good choice. Stainless steel round filter design parameters: Flow Range: 40-2400m3/h; the use of imported high-quality filter media, through the replacement method to effectively remove the heavy metals in the water; automatic back-washing of the special design, the utility model can prevent the filter element from clogging, and extend the service life of the equipment; the filtering precision is 100-2000μm; the working pressure is 0.1-1.6 mpa; the pressure loss is ≤0.016 mpa; the diameter of the sewage valve is dn50mm; the sewage discharging time is 10-60s; the applicable temperature is ≤85 ° C; Using the principle of far infrared activation ball, the filtered water tends to be weakly alkaline, and the oxygen content of the water is increased, separation technology for sewage treatment, filtration accuracy can reach 1 micron, for water sediment, rust, bacteria, organic substances and other harmful substances have a good removal effect, while retaining beneficial minerals and micronutrient.

The parameters of the stainless steel round filter screen and the effect of the treatment are introduced here, from which we can see the benefits of the water quality filter equipment, especially in this long-term water pollution problem is difficult to solve the environment is not missing! This article is from a stainless steel http://www.huanawl.com/ and is not to be reproduced without permission.