Milk tea filter cleaning need to pay attention to what matters

When cleaning the impurities in the tea filter of milk tea shop, we should pay attention to some protection on the equipment, and can not appear deformation or damage, otherwise, after the re-installation of tea shop tea filters will not be able to play its due effect. Milk tea shop tea filter equipment is generally the use of horizontal installation method, but the installation must pay attention to the direction of import and export must be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the equipment. After a period of use, the equipment will precipitate a lot of impurities, resulting in increased pressure on the equipment, and the flow rate also began to decline, at this time it is necessary to milk tea shop tea filter for timely cleaning can continue to use. When cleaning, if found on the tea tea shop tea filter stainless steel wire deformation or damage phenomenon, we need to replace in time. Milk tea shop tea filter edge can not have a gap, must let its edge integrity, no gross times, wrapped edge appearance smooth, no bump. The overlap is neat, the edge is complete and smooth. No breakdown, no light spot at the solder joint. In addition, the deformation of the edging is hard to fit the sealing requirement of the spinning component, so that the sealing impregnation can be played directly without adding a metal sealing ring. This article is from a stainless steel and is not allowed to be reprinted without permission.