Maintenance knowledge of filter folding core

As we all know, the filter element plays an important role in the filtration equipment, but if we do not do a good job of maintenance and maintenance of it, the filtering effect of the later filter equipment is bound to be affected. Next, we will introduce to you about the folding filter core daily maintenance and small knowledge, through our introduction, I hope you can gain. Filter folding filter core daily maintenance knowledge: first, for the right occasion, no matter what equipment and products, we have to apply it in the right occasion, in this way can play a value of the equipment, in addition, for the maintenance of equipment is also very important point, folding filter is also the case. In the use of filter core, it has its own scope of use, such as mineral water, alcohol, juice filtration, acid, alkali, chemical organic solvent filtration and Reverse Osmosis RO system pretreatment, etc. , we can't use it where it's useless or out of reach. It's a loss for the filter, and it's a loss for the equipment. If you encounter some corrosive liquid, can cause irreparable damage to equipment. Therefore, in this regard we should pay special attention to Oh!

Second, we all know that folding filter cores have a stronger ability to absorb pollution and a longer service life, but when we filter at a higher frequency or use for a long time, the bearing capacity of the equipment will reach a certain peak, if not replaced in time, for the entire equipment is a kind of damage. Therefore, we suggest that everyone should pay attention to the replacement and maintenance of the filter element. When the use effect is not good or the service life time is up, everyone should replace the filter element in time, this can not affect the later use of equipment. Third, the filtering accuracy should be well controlled folding filter element for the filtering accuracy can be selected, the application is also more extensive, but some consumers may not understand the characteristics of this aspect, in the use of no attention, may not be a good adjustment of the precision, so it will result in poor filtering effect, long-term down on the life of the filter has a certain impact. We should pay attention to the use of precision adjustment from time to time.

That is what we bring you on the filter folding filter core maintenance and maintenance of small knowledge introduction, through our introduction, I believe we have a certain harvest. In the daily little things, we hope that everyone can pay more attention to the daily little things for the maintenance of equipment is also very important, only the daily little things done well, we can make the equipment play a better filtering effect. According to your request, Anping Warner can process custom stainless steel folding filter products, more filter folding filter products can visit