Correct maintenance and maintenance of the filter to extend the service life of equipment

Proper maintenance and maintenance of the filter to extend the service life of equipment, as we all know, the filter is made of wire, used to filter the material. Its material can be used in many equipment, such as air conditioning, exhaust hood, purifiers and other equipment, play a filtering effect. Because of its material itself, durable, not easy to corrosion, and filter performance is good, easy to install, good air permeability. More and more enterprises are applied to various filtering equipment, greatly saving the cost of energy consumption of enterprises, responding to the national call for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Today, whether air or water quality, there will be impurities, there are harmful particles to the human body. If these impurities can not be effectively removed, so for a long time, it will cause harm to the human body. Therefore, the filtration of harmful substances, is a crucial task. Filter screen, in the filter performance is the leader, its own easy to install, and low prices, effective saving the cost of use. Material itself is stainless steel material, so anti-corrosion. Compared with the previous filter material, the filter screen filter performance is higher, the filter effect is better, can effectively filter the air and water impurities and bacteria and other harmful substances to the human body. The previous filter materials, may just filter impurities, for which large particles of molecules and bacteria is difficult to filter again. Therefore, the filter in the market share is getting higher and higher, there are more and more people recognize and use the filter. However, the later maintenance and cleaning of the filter screen is more important. If the filter screen once dirty plug, not only will cause a reduction in filtering performance, but also affect the quality of filtering.

Impurities and dust or harmful substances in the air piled on the filter screen, the filtered air did not meet the clean standards, not only can not play the filtering effect, but also the emission of harmful substances to the human body. Therefore, the filter screen cleaning is essential, only to do regular cleaning, will greatly extend the service life of the filter screen, improve the filtering effect. For the later cleaning, you should pay attention to washing with water can not be used detergent or brush cleaning. In this way, it is possible to damage the filter itself material, affect the filtering performance. After cleaning, put it to dry in the ventilated place, don't expose it to the sun, wait for the surface of the filter net to dry completely, then put it into the equipment. The later cleaning and maintenance of the filter screen is very important, only do the later maintenance and cleaning, the use of the filter screen performance will be greatly improved. This article is from http://www.huanawl. com/.