The importance of regular cleaning of oil mist filters

The existence of oil mist filter screen, not only eliminate CNC precision metal processing equipment processing process often produce a large number of oil mist, improve the workshop air quality, reduce the health hazards, protect the atmosphere environment, ... Also can prevent the components of the CNC system because of oil mist damage, resulting in losses, from washing machines, engraving and milling machines, to lathes, CNC machining center... ... The traces of the oil mist filter mesh can be seen everywhere in industrial production. At the same time, the oil mist is recycled and recycled to the machine for re-use, creating more results The oil mist filter screen plays an important role in the industrial production, the numerical control precision metal processing equipment processing is a complex process, when there is too much smoke, it may have some effect on our health. In addition, too much smoke may increase the probability of unexpected and dangerous events, as one of the"Heroes" of modern industrial production, the oil mist filter net has the advantages of flexible installation, firm structure and light weight, which can not only improve the production efficiency, reduce and reduce the production cost, but also protect the physical and mental health of the workers to a certain extent, it can be said that the oil mist filter screen plays an important role in the industrial production of modern society. However, many people do not know is that the oil mist filter screen in the use of the process, there are often interview oil, water vapor content heavy and so on, need us to maintain and clean.

The oil mist filter screen needs to be checked and cleaned or replaced in a timely manner. The diffuse oil mist spreads quickly and widely. It may adhere to any surface that can be adsorbed. When oil accumulates to a certain extent, cause their own machines and other electronic equipment components failure. This is the need for oil mist filter screen to play a role, and we know that if the oil mist filter screen oil accumulation phenomenon is more serious, this time how to do? In fact, in daily industrial production, we need to regularly check the oil mist filter screen, if the oil mist filter screen found the phenomenon of oil accumulation, you need to check the reasons, see if there is a problem with the filter or the metal screen, and clean and replace it. In addition, the water vapor content is heavy oil mist filter screen is often used in the process of problems. In view of this phenomenon, the internal surface of the equipment should be treated to ensure that the surface of the smooth, while the need for occasional inspection and cleaning is very important. In order to reduce the occurrence of faults, let the scattered oil can be absorbed by the oil mist filter screen, and let the oil in the bottom of the tank drain out in time, starting from the usual maintenance, so that we can really play by the oil mist filter filter own level and strong work. This article is from a stainless steel filter.