Proper use of filter products contributes to good health

Proper use of filter products is conducive to good health. As we all know, the indoor air pollution we face today is no less serious than the outdoor pollution, so it is not easy to keep the air clean, it's about choosing to use efficient treatment, and today we're going to look at how to choose the right purification equipment! Everyone knows that when indoor pollution is serious, that is, after decoration, the residual toxic and harmful gases will always threaten our health. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in preventing and purifying indoor air pollution in a timely manner, so what is the right way to cleanse? 1, indoor environment must pay attention to ventilation, this is currently a simple and economic method, as long as the opening of the windows every day ventilation, for reducing the concentration of indoor air pollution is very helpful. 2. Control the temperature in the room. Don't let it be too high or too low. If it is too high, it will lead to faster volatilization of pollutants. Also, don't let the humidity in the room be too high, otherwise, it will speed up the reproduction of microorganisms. 3. Use insecticides as little as possible indoors. Although insecticides have a certain treatment effect on mosquitoes, the chemicals in them are also harmful to the human body, try to open a window if you want to use it.4. It is a good habit not to smoke in the room after that. The room is small to begin with, so it is difficult for the smoke to be released, and the danger of second-hand smoke is well known. In fact, in the face of indoor pollution, if too serious or recommend the purchase of the appropriate air purification filter equipment to deal with, then in the choice of these equipment need to pay attention to what aspects of the problem? 1, first of all to understand their own purchase of equipment, mainly for dust or sterilization? 2, according to the indoor area of a reasonable calculation, choose the size of the area are more appropriate purification equipment 3, pay attention to the purification effect of equipment, such as filter material, etc. , in addition, whether the filter has a regenerative function is also to be considered.