The basket filter element plays a key role in the filtration process

Through the previous introduction, I believe that we have a certain understanding of the basket filter, for its use in many industries also have knowledge, but you know? Basket filter or an all-round pollution master it, today we will introduce it to you in the leather industry in the successful use of it.

The reason why basket filter can have such successful application, among which the great credit is its powerful and efficient filter element. The utility model can effectively treat the sewage and has the function of automatic cleaning, and the water can be continuously supplied during the cleaning process. Compared with the past filtration equipment with a higher degree of automation, pollution treatment is also relatively large, the natural application of more. Therefore, it can attract the attention of the water treatment industry and become a hot topic for discussion by people from all walks of life. The tannery industry wastewater is always difficult to be treated. Firstly, it has a large amount of wastewater, high concentration of organic matter, and it also contains a lot of sulphide, chromium and other harmful substances, so the process of treatment is very complicated. Especially now some newly developed large-scale tanneries, although large-scale but the facilities are not very perfect, so it is difficult to carry out sewage treatment, causing a very serious impact on the environment. Basket filter is suitable for batch operation in incomplete factory, and it is effective for tannery wastewater treatment. Because of its simple process, low cost and high efficiency, it has a practical significance for the tannery wastewater treatment in our country. In the leather Industrial wastewater treatment process, in order to achieve a good treatment effect, the filter equipment factory carried out continuous technical innovation and product improvement, in order to adapt to its better use and always efforts. More Basket filter product content can be found at http://www.huanagl. com/product/8512. HTML.