Stainless steel filter plays an important role in the filtration industry of sugar mills

Speaking of the contribution of stainless steel filter equipment we first think of what is it? Nature is in our social development has been a serious pollution of the environment, the equipment in which the governance is indispensable, but also the effect is very obvious. In the past, we had an inexhaustible attitude towards water resources. We did not know how much precious water resources had been wasted due to such a misunderstanding. Now, water shortages have occurred to varying degrees in various places, there is a global crisis of water scarcity and lack of access to safe drinking water. In this case, it is time to launch a multi-pronged environmental defense, one of the best weapons is the efficient chemical filter.

At present, it is an important period for our country to promote modernization. Therefore, it has become our common understanding to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. However, in our daily life, the waste of water resources is still very high, in a series of industrial water, China's consumption of water resources than the world level several times or even dozens of times! Compared with some developed countries, the awareness of water conservation is still very weak, but it needs to be strengthened in the future. But on the other hand, I can also turn pressure into motivation, even though water resources are wasted in industrial production, however, now that our whole society has formed the work of using filtration equipment to purify and treat water resources, coupled with the continuous publicity, I believe that it will soon raise more people's awareness of water conservation, that makes our environmental Living Up. In particular, in the past few years, more and more high-tech enterprises specializing in the production of various kinds of filtering equipment have emerged in our country, introducing advanced technology from abroad, on top of which we have added our own technological innovations, it has developed a series of high-efficiency filtration equipment such as chemical filter, which can adapt to different environment and different production demand.

Today, we will talk about its use in sugar factories, new chemical filters to keep up with the trend of the times, and its own technology has been reformed in many ways, the good thing is that it is fully automated in a real sense. The special three-layer stainless steel filter can filter sugar juice or syrup directly, and the solution with higher solubility is not easy to cause blockage, the working pressure, temperature and filtering precision have been improved. It is easy for solid particles or bagasse fiber to block the filter screen when traditional filter equipment is used in sugar factory, and it is not a simple job to remove these particles. The use of chemical filters greatly reduces clogging, and the self-cleaning time of the equipment is as short as 10 seconds, cleaning effect is very good. In addition, the equipment can also be used in various production processes of sugar plants, such as boiler feed water, cooling tower cooling water filtration, nozzle protection, watering, etc. , replacing the previous cumbersome operation procedures, makes the overall work easier and more efficient. To put it simply, the new chemical filters have saved a lot of time and money in daily operation, such as the cost of cleaning or replacing filters, bags and cores, and downtime, etc. , a high-quality stainless steel filter screen can be used successfully in any industry. More stainless steel filter products can be viewed at http://www.huanawl. com/.