Stainless steel filter screen commonly used in eight industries

As you all know, stainless steel filters are widely used, and the specific application industry may not be very clear to many friends. Today, let Anping Warner to introduce the common use of stainless steel filter eight industries, these in our actual application are very helpful, understanding the use of different industries for our choice is very helpful. Electronics industry: filter cooling water, remove impurities in electrolytic copper foil stabilization tank, chemical slurry filter, chip grinding wastewater recycling filter, filter PCB printing ink, copper foil oil film filter. Metal processing field: oil filter, coolant circulating filter, recovery of precious metals, filter, ultra-fine anti-rust oil oil filter, cutting fluid, cleaning fluid de-oiling. Resin coating ink: resin filter, the removal of paint raw materials such as fiber, gel filtration, solvent, removal of impurities particles mixed reaction, the removal of gelatinous paint coagulation, the removal of excess grease coating. 4. Coating technology: electrophoretic paint filtration, ultrafiltration protection filtration, degreasing process filtration, phosphating liquid filtration, electrophoretic paint de-oiling, filtration of metal pigments, varnish, etc. . The field of water treatment: Used in purifying air conditioning systems to remove water pipe structure, raw water filtration, chemicals for wastewater treatment, ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane guide protection, liquid membrane purification filter, Ion-exchange resin interception, etc. .

Pharmaceutical commodity production: active raw materials, catalysts, carbon reduction, filtering medical syrup, plant essence filter, filter PH value adjustment liquid, liquid crystal filter sound, etc. . 7. Petrochemical Industry: Lube Oil, petroleum products, recovery catalysts, catalytic slurry filtration, product before security filter after filling, blocking carbon ink and filter aids, filtration, acrylic resin emulsion, pump and glue filtration. Food and beverage industry: using equipment to intercept filter aids, edible oil, filling safety, until polishing filter, all kinds of process water, syrups and other raw materials filtration, removal of impurities mixed technology, filter out silt and so on. These are the eight most commonly used industries for stainless steel filters, but they don't cover all of them, and in the basic uses we've analyzed for you today, they're all useful for our practical choices. The article comes from stainless steel filter http://www.huanawl. com/reprint please indicate the source.