Why do 304 stainless steel filter customers or manufacturers choose the most

Why do 304 stainless steel filter customers or manufacturers choose the most? Because according to the stainless steel material, the lowest anti-rust material is stainless steel 304, which is both economical and affordable. Like 201, is the cost of galvanized build low? But the number of repeated use is low, in addition is the selection of raw materials to be appropriate, some customers or manufacturers have lucky psychology, hope that low price of raw materials can replace high price of raw materials, such as rust resistance, always want to use 304 to replace 316 201 to replace 304, galvanized wire to replace 201, such as high temperature resistance, lucky, Maybe 304 can replace 310S, especially when the application of low-end raw materials can basically meet the requirements.

Therefore, in the selection of screen products can not have fluke psychology, to choose appropriate. After some clients that use the environment, in principle should use some kind of raw material, really want to use another material, ask if we can feel, estimate how long with no problem, perhaps hope to hear from some promise from this we will use the peace of mind, the promise we can't give, a user orders before some 201 raw materials of crimped wire mesh, used to replace 304 raw materials of crimped wire mesh, The price is cheap much, but did not lead a few days to go bad, did batch 304 from the beginning again, visible only greedy price on the cheap, raw materials choose undeserved is penny wise and pound foolish. Stainless steel screen mesh 201.304.316.316 l. nickel wire mesh | stainless steel filter based on how many resolution of stainless steel wire containing nickel stainless steel screen mesh material type. Stainless steel screen mesh 6 mesh, 8 mesh, 20 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 200 mesh, 400 mesh, 800 mesh, stainless steel screen wear resistance, high temperature resistance, rust and other characteristics is by the stainless steel wire nickel resolution. The selection of stainless steel screen performance is enough to make their own use value and economic value reflected in the selection of performance. Organization innovation and technical personnel to create products upstream and downstream industry chain to support around the vehicle to carry out the supply quality standard stainless steel screen mesh, solid-liquid separation, fluid filtration of the a/perform industrial product collaboration, and so on several big series of products into a filter material filter industry to build research and development of stainless steel screen function to carry out the project to promote the transformation of the industrial base. So the choice of materials of different stainless steel screen material is also different stainless steel screen mesh size is the size of the selected particles. It is the basic body of mutual influence and coordination.

Stainless steel filter mesh sheet stainless steel filter mesh sheet is made of rolled stainless steel by machine stamping into a sheet filter screen. The shape of the filter screen is mainly circular, square, rectangle, oval, triangle, hexagonal and so on. The main raw materials are: 201, 202, 304, 316, 316L stainless steel wire. Number of eyes: 1-600. Primary use: mainly used for screening and filtering of plastic particles and food industry. The first manufacturing process: the first volume of stainless steel screen in accordance with the shape and size of the requirements cut into sheets, and then the sheet of the stainless steel screen edge and stamping, after the wrapped edge of the stainless steel screen polishing. The main selection of stainless steel wire mesh edge stainless steel woven mesh and stainless steel embossed mesh and mat mesh. The material that wraps an edge chooses aluminous plate, iron plate, stainless steel plate to wait commonly. Above is why 304 stainless steel filter screen customers or manufacturers choose the most. The article comes from the stainless steel filter http://www.huanawl.com/ is strictly prohibited without permission.