Several factors affecting the life of stainless steel filter screen

When it comes to influencing the life of stainless steel filter several factors, in fact, there are many reasons, such as mesh mesh, wire diameter and weaving can affect the actual service life, but the most important or the use of the environment, filter medium and the temperature of the environment is the most affected.Because we use conditions are very messy, temperature, acid and alkali concentration affect the use of stainless steel filter net value, its characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength. Stainless steel mesh belt in normal operation at temperatures over 400 degrees Celsius. Because the heat of transporting materials causes the temperature to rise, the strength of the conveyor belt is gradually decreased with the rise of temperature. The use of filter constraints depends on the temperature and material temperature of the rotational conflict between the material and the net belt! Because the production process of each enterprise is different, the service life of the stainless steel filter screen is different, under normal circumstances, it is generally high temperature resistant.

In the case of high temperature, the use of stainless steel filter should pay attention to the following points: 1. The heat of the filter screen in the operation because of the conflict. 2. Stainless steel filter screen for acid and alkali conditions under screening filtration, petroleum industry to do mud mesh, chemical fiber occupation to do filter mesh, in electroplating occupation to do pickling network! Mining, petroleum, petrochemical, food, machinery and other occupations are a large number of applications of stainless steel filter! Article from stainless steel filter is strictly prohibited without permission.