Matters needing attention in installation and use of melt filter element of chemical fiber

     When it comes to chemical fiber filter core, first of all, think of the most is the chemical fiber melt filter core, the use of a very wide range, then the chemical fiber melt filter core installation and use of what do you need to pay attention to? Today Warner small braided take you to a simple understanding of it. Chemical Fiber special solution filter device steps and attention: 1, the first thing to do is to stop the compressed air dewatering deoiling disposal, so that its relative humidity control at 70% below; 2, the filter should be installed on the fermenter platform melt filter core as far as possible, in order to prevent or reduce the influence on the filter core when the fermentation liquid backflow; 3, it is necessary to clean the impurities in the pipe before the special melt filter core for chemical fiber device, this will be in the device time can quickly device into; 4, is to pay attention to the need for us in the installation of chemical fiber special solution filter must be handled gently, to avoid damage to the filter medium; 5, installation of chemical fiber special solution filter, hand should be held in the filter o-ring interface, to prevent damage to the filter media; 6, Chemical Fiber special solution filter in the insert filter seat, o-ring application silicone oil to stop smooth, so that can reduce friction into the quick device. The chemical fiber filter element is made of multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh by folding and processing, it has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, good permeability, high strength, easy cleaning and back cleaning, accurate filtering precision, sanitary filter material, non-scattered screen, etc. .

The advantages of melt filter: 1, for extremely high temperature environment for dispersion cooling data 2, for the powder industry gas average application, fluidized plates for gas-dispersed fluidized beds in the Iron and steel industry; orifice plates for gas-dispersed fluidized beds; for blast furnace pulverized coal injection and dense-phase conveyor systems; and for filtering of materials in the pharmaceutical industry, washing Dry 6, catalyst support barrier 7, used for polyester, oil, food and beverage, chemical fiber products filtration, also used for water treatment and gas filtration. These are the matters needing attention in the installation and use of chemical fiber melt filter core. I believe that through the introduction we all have more understanding. This article is from the stainless steel filter .