What is the main difference between stainless steel braided filters and other plate filters?

     When it comes to knitting, we all think of the picture of knitting, today we will talk about stainless steel woven filter and other plate filter what is the most important difference? Stainless steel woven filter fabric weaving and characteristics: First Rolling, two-way wave-isolated bending, locking bending, flat-top Bending, two-way Bending, one-way wave-isolated bending; layout stability. Textile Scheme and features: First Rolling Bending and then weaving, two pre-bending into wavy wire to plain weaving. Because the wire is pre-formed by bending the die, it can make the wire in both directions in a relatively accurate position, and then ensure that the mesh standards of such nets must be straight, this method of weaving stainless steel woven filter screen is usually used for strong resistance, compared to easily damaged, heavy mechanical protection, construction, Mechanical Work Protection, with Square Mesh Point. The advantages of woven wire Mesh: wrapped stainless steel woven filter easy to use, not easy to fall, use a long time, not easy to tie hands, weft wire to and fro, not easy to fall, program stability, convenient use, high safety function. USES: widely used for decoration, construction of mechanical cages, coal plants, mines, petroleum, chemical, construction, mechanical accessories, protective nets, packing nets, barbecue nets, barbecue nets, Barbecue Nets, sintering furnace net, metal products net, handicrafts net, tremble screen, net basket net, food machinery net, cooking utensils net, Wall Net, food, road, railway, infrastructure net. Stainless steel stainless steel braided filter screen more applications: for acid, Alkali environmental conditions screening and filtering. The petroleum industry makes the mud net, the chemical industry chemical fiber industry makes the sieve screen, the electroplating industry makes the pickling net. These are the main differences between stainless steel braided filters and other plate filters. This article is from stainless steel filters: http://www.huanawl.com no reprinting without permission.