How are the stainless steel mesh types classified in the filter?

Speaking of Stainless Steel Mesh, we will think of a variety of styles, today we look at the filter among the stainless steel mesh types are divided? The first point: According to the thickness to be divided into: single-layer Mesh, double-layer filter, three-layer filter, multi-layer filter, and so on. The second point: screen filter screen is used to filter the Metal Mesh, the size can be based on customer needs to cut the size, the shape has various shapes, such as circular filter, rectangular filter, elliptical filter, circular filter and so on. The third point: Edge filter is also called multi-layer edge filter, plastic granulator filter, twin screw extruder filter, chemical acid and alkali resistance filter, black silk cloth filter. The fourth point: Stainless Steel Filter Mesh types are: Stainless Steel Mesh, stainless steel woven Mesh, stainless steel punching Mesh, stainless steel welding Mesh. The role of the filter Mesh wrapping edge: to improve the hardness of the Mesh, to prevent the deformation caused by excessive tension, to enhance the accuracy of the filter, easy to clean and disassemble, to extend the service life. The utility model relates to an edge-wrapping filter screen, which is made by combining a different number of metal nets and a supporting net, and goes through an edge-wrapping process. The best-selling filter in the market to Stainless Steel Mesh, stainless steel with corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, easy processing, long service life and so on. The above is the type of stainless steel mesh filter is divided into a variety of stainless steel mesh subdivision, but does not matter, we Warner Anping company can be customized according to your needs to process!