Faucet filter screen-faucet filter screen-faucet filter screen-faucet filter screen

       Faucet filter screen material: All stainless steel material (304,316,316L) and injection molding material. Size and specification: according to the needs of manufacturers. Production Process: high-quality stainless steel filter after stamping into a sheet, multi-layer stainless steel filter mesh edge, grinding, molding several production links after the became: well-made, high-precision filtration. With the Faucet seamless, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, long cycle of use of the faucet filter. Working principle: some faucet filter is installed in the inside of the Faucet, some are installed in the faucet mouth of the place, to some impurities in the water and calcium carbonate have a preliminary filtering effect. More screen products can be viewed at the www.huanawl.com . “Anping Huana has always insisted that quality is based on real touch. Only professionals can go further!” Our factory had a strict quality supervision system. Apart from strictly controlling the materials, every tap filter had to be screened layer by layer, ensure product quality.Faucet filter screen