What do we need to pay attention to when using stainless steel filter element?

       Stainless steel filter core maintenance work can be said to be very important, so we know how to stainless steel filter core maintenance should be carried out? The following details for you: (1) the core part of the precision micro-hole filter is filter element, filter element by special material composition, belong to loss parts, need special protection. (2) when the micro-hole filter works for a period of time, the filter core contains a certain amount of impurities, when the pressure drop increases, the flow rate will decline, the need to remove the impurities in the filter in a timely manner, while cleaning the filter core. (3) in the removal of impurities, pay special attention to the precision filter core, do not deformation or damage, otherwise, re-installed filter core, the purity of the filtered media can not meet the design requirements. (4) some filter elements can not be used repeatedly, such as bag filter elements, polypropylene filter elements, etc. . (5) if the filter element is found deformed or damaged, it should be replaced immediately. Above is the stainless steel filter core in use we need to pay attention to some matters, I hope through the introduction can help you.