Cleaning method of stainless steel wire Mesh and brief introduction of matters needing attention

          On how to maintain the stainless steel wire Mesh care there are many people are not very clear, so today let the small series to introduce it for everyone in detail! 1. When there is dust on the surface of stainless steel wire Mesh, it can be washed with soap or warm water. 2. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh surface if there is grease. Oil. Oil, such as alcohol, can be used to Scrub; 3. If there is a rainbow pattern on the surface, it is caused by the excessive use of detergents on hard objects, which can be removed by washing with a warm, neutral detergent. 4. If the surface of stainless steel wire mesh due to dirt caused by rust, can be cleaned with detergent; 5. If there is bleach or acid attached to the surface, should be immediately washed with water, in a neutral carbonated water solution, and wash with warm water.