What are the reasons for the use of Wire Mesh in thermoplastic products such as film blowers and extruders?

It is well known that in the blown film degradation film, the filler content is high and the filler particles are large. If the filter screen is not installed, the filler will disperse unevenly, and the Filler or impurity with large particle size will simply block the annular gap in the head of the blown film machine, it’s impossible to blow out a high-quality film. If there is no filter products both delayed production, cut production value, the formation of raw materials waste, and add the Labor intensity of workers: if the screen change time distance is too long, filter blocking, machine pressure increases, filter breakthrough, must Affect the quality of the product. Although some extruders with pressure display system can monitor melt pressure, but if the filter screen as long as a small damage, pressure change is not big, the operator is difficult to identify, this potential damage is great. After the successful research and development of the filter net, it is directly used in the Xindu cable factory of the implementing unit. In the past two years, 2,000 pieces of the filter net have been used. The operation function is stable and reliable, and the phenomenon of breaking the net has never occurred. All the cable insulation materials produced have reached the technical and functional indexes of the cable material, the reliability is better than domestic and foreign filter screen. Stainless steel screen to a large extent to make up for the shortcomings, providing a long life, safe and reliable filter screen extruder, reduce the waste of raw materials and screen consumption, improve the operation rate of the extruder. Taking the production of cable insulating materials as an example, under the same batch of raw materials and the same technological conditions, the stainless steel screen can be used for extrusion molding of all thermoplastic materials and produce all kinds of high-quality products. For example, after the filter screen is installed in the production of cable material, the extruded melt can be raised from low pressure to high pressure to eliminate impurities, improve the output value, ensure the quality, and advance the extrusion skill to a new level.