What are the points to note when selecting an air filter?

      When it comes to filters, what are the specific uses for them? The choice of filter material is also various. If it is the filter element of mechanical equipment, the stainless steel filter screen is most widely used. If it is some simple air purification filter in daily life, stainless steel material will generally choose coarse filter for the isolation of large impurities, today we use the home filter as an example, for you to briefly introduce. Filter screen area, the use of materials and filter level is more important. The larger the area, the higher the purification efficiency, the more expensive; filter layer, filter efficiency, the more expensive, this is certain. And the use of materials is the most important, first of all, the quality of the filter screen must be guaranteed, because the filter screen is generally thin, in the case of intelligent regulation of wind speed, air quality will become higher if the wind speed is poor, after the attenuation of the filter capacity will rapidly decline to the highest speed, the motor and machinery are affected, will also be a continuous flow of dirty air into the room, so to be safe and durable as the first condition. Comprehensive consideration of the cost-effective alternative on the line. It could be that the screen itself has a smell and becomes sour when it becomes moldy. It could also be that the environment outside the window has a bad smell and is brought in during fresh air filtration. Open the window to see if there is a smell and if there isn’t, remind yourself that it’s time to change the screen. Conditions to choose, especially in the industrial use of filter products, in general, stainless steel wire mesh products are the most widely used.

     Domestic fresh air systems generally have four-layer filter, respectively, primary, medium and high-efficiency filter and activated carbon filter. Primary filter: It is made of White non-woven folding, folding part, several times magnification present, filter area is large enough. The function is to filter out the larger particles in the air. As a primary filter, it can effectively prevent large particles in the air into the body. Medium Efficiency Filter: Light Weight, beautiful appearance, strong and durable structure; using folded filter cotton as filter material, glued with aluminum frame, filter area, dust capacity is larger, the dust particles flowing into the air are effectively blocked between the pleats and folds by the filter material. HEPA filter screen, also known as HEPA filter screen, the main material for PP filter paper, glass fiber, composite PP PET filter paper, is a high-efficiency filter to purify air a material. So we in the choice of filter products, must be based on the actual situation to choose, especially in the industrial use of filter products, in general, stainless steel wire mesh products are most widely used.