The reason why stainless steel filter screen is widely used in the purification of traditional Chinese medicine

The stainless steel filter screen is indispensable in the separation and purification of the medicine liquid and the medicine residue. 1. Food Grade Material, will not precipitate harmful substances at high temperature, non-toxic Clean Health, easy to clean. 2. High temperature resistant material: 304 stainless steel, 316 l stainless steel 2. STRUCTURE: flange-type, basket-type structure, can be customized according to the needs of manufacturers. The stainless steel filter screen installed in the pharmaceutical equipment can be used to separate the drug residue or particles by rotating centrifugation, or by sedimentation. Most people in the fried good Chinese medicine, that all is well, the liquid medicine into a bowl of a pour, drink it, in fact, it is not. After decocting Chinese traditional medicine, in addition to filtering out the juice, there are some steps to be completed in time. 1. Filter it while it’s hot. Some people fried good Chinese medicine after the fear of hot hands, to the Chinese medicine after cooling again filter, this is wrong. After decocting the Chinese medicine, the liquid medicine and the medicine reach the equilibrium of the concentration inside and outside. With the decrease of temperature, the solubility of the medicine will also decrease. Some of the effective components in the liquid medicine will return to the drug residue, and some of the effective components will condense into the precipitate of larger particles, it’s filtered out. Therefore, in order to ensure the effective concentration of liquid medicine, should be filtered while hot. 2. Some people do not discard the dregs of Chinese medicine, filtered liquid medicine, then discard the dregs at will. Doing so will reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Because the residue after filtrating is saturated, it contains high effective components. Therefore, the residue can be wrapped with gauze before throwing away, appropriate extrusion, so that the effective ingredients can be completely separated, give full play to the efficacy of drugs. The use of stainless steel filter can make Chinese medicine filter more pure, life also has a lot of applications to filter products, in the following articles, small series will answer for everyone.